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These web links not only entertain but are the tools for accumulating current information which is the key to locating record sized fish.

Do your homework and your time in the water will be much more productive and rewarding. Record fish are usually caught before you go fishing or hunting with proper planning and preparation. Unfortunately most trophy fish are lost while fishing or hunting for reasons that are easily avoidable with adequate preparation.

Remember the person one who pays the highest price in life usually gets the goods. This rule is not only true in life but when trying to catch trophy record fish. These extra large fish don’t get big because they are stupid and make fatal mistakes. They are seasoned veterans of life and survival, their large size proves it. They have survived in an environment which is much more difficult than negotiating traffic on the freeway or dealing with less than daily life threatening rigors at work or at home.

History link give an interesting historical perspective about underwater hunting and diving.

Study the Marine Weather links, they will help you develop important insight into developing conditions to better plan feature fishing and hunting trips.

Marine science link has a live camera in the Monterey Aquarium with tuna, sharks and other interesting fish species.

Records links give information on current records for fishing and hunting.

Publication links have many great magazines and papers to gather helpful hints and see what others are doing.

Reports & Information links give current fishing reports and other valuable information.

Radio & TV links have some great entertainment programming about fishing and underwater hunting.

Satellite View links give the big picture and help predict approaching weather patterns.

Commercial Fishing sites give a record of the quantity of fish harvested by the commercial fishing industry.

Artificial Reefs sites give the location our local man made reefs.

Charts This is one of my favorite sites it has local off shore navigational charts for free.

Photos NONA photo library.

Tides Tide predictor sites.

Buoy Data Critical local buoy data.

Adventure Brad likely goes to Cortez Bank and San Nicholas Island more times every year than anyone. He is one of the finest seaman I know and a true adventurer. This site demonstrates with action a man who is truly a man of the sea. I have learned a great deal from him and he is a great friend.

Buoy Data Critical local buoy data.

Sites I Use Most I use these links in this order to monitor the local marine weather and make decisions about when and where to go fishing and/or hunting. I use these information links to develop a current and future trend picture of the local and offshore marine conditions.
The name of the game is being in the right place at the right time and these web links provide the tools to make the correct decisions and put you in the right place more often.

Please send me your favorite links and I will add them to this list.
  Diving History
  Recent timeline of Diving History
  Recent chronological diving history
  Organized Competitive Spearfishing History
  The historical beginning of organized competitive spearfishing 1947 to 2001. Timeline of the International Underwater Spearfishing Association History Timeline.
  Underwater History & Time Line 4500 BC - Now
  Underwater History 4500 BC - Now
  This is the complete time line history of underwater activity from the beginning
  NOAA Photos
  NOAA Photo Library
  Great photo collection
  Mexico & Baja Tides
  Mexico Tide Wave Charts
  Excellent tide wave charts by location, year and month
  Local Tides
  Tide Predictor
  Tide predictions & tide wave charts
  Scripps Tide Predictor
  Scripps Worldwide Tide Wave Predictor
  Scripps provides tide wave predictions for locations worldwide on this site
Buoy Data
  Northern California
  Northern California Buoys
  Southern California
  Southern California Buoys
  Scripps Buoy Data
  Bradley's Offshore Adventures
  Brad's Adventures
  This site is dedicated to encouraging a non-consumptive interaction with the marine life off the Southern California coast. As a sport fisherman turned underwater photographer, I want to share these images and stories in hopes of increasing the awareness and appreciation of the beauty right here in our own waters.
Sites I Use Most
  Local Marine Weather & Condition Predictor Tools
  Weather flow
  Pacific Hires Loop (Animated)
  Pacific Infrared Satellite Image
  3 Day Forecast
  Buoy Data
  Surface Pressure and Winds
  Winds, Pressure and Precipitation Forecast
  Sea Surface Temperature Chart
  Tide Predictor
  Phone Service
  Local & Long Distance (Unlimited)
  Consumers can now enjoy unlimited local and long distance calling by adding Packet8 Broadband Phone Service (VoIP) to their high-speed Internet connections.
Lists & Boards
  Free Dive List (FDL)
  Freedivelist was created on 2/14/96 by Mark Barville. It was the first list created primarily for freedivers and underwater hunters to share information and stories. There are approximately 500 folks in over 35 countries subscribed to the FDL at this time.
  Spear Board (Forum)
  Spearboard brings spearfishermen together from all over the world.
  Deeper Blue (Forum)
  Your Online Resource to the Underwater World
  Wet Pixel (Digital)
  This site focuses on information relating to underwater digital photography. It is a great place to get common sense answers to difficult questions from folks who are in the water using a wide variety of different digital photographic equipment.
  Digital Diver (Forum)
  Great digital photography information forum
  Underwater Photography
  Great sourse of information for standard underwater film photography
  Underwater Hunting
  Bluewater Hunting Dive Shop
  BWH is the only store in the country solely devoted to the art of freediving and spear fishing
  Sea Floor Mapping
  Shaded-Relief Image of Santa Monica Bay
  Shows all the submarine canyons in Santa Monica bay
  Multibeam Mapping of the Los Angeles, California Margin
  Sea floor map of Santa Monica bay showing submarine canyons with labels
  Sea Floor Bottom Terrain off California
  This site revels compelling evidence of ancient islands which may have existed off southern California long ago
  Nautical Navigation Charts Online
  Charts Online
  Great site to find favorable bottom formations and potential fish aggregations
Artificial Reefs
  Man made Reefs of Southern California
  Excellent local fishing spots
  Excellent local fish aggregations
Marine Weather
  El Nino
  El Nino / La Nina
  Big Water Temperature Picture (Image)
  Color sea surface analysis for the equatorial Pacific Ocean
  Marine Weather
  Global weather information
  Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Imagery
  Regularly Updated Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Imagery
  Current Weather Forecast
  Lots of Weather Info
  World Weather Forcasts
  Forecasts from most any location around the world
  Local Swell (Calif)
  Local Offshore Wind (Calif)
  Surface Water Temperature (Text)
  Surface Water Temp.
  Surf Forecasts
  Lots of great pacific marine weather information
  Terrafin Surface Water Temperature (Free)
  Great free satellite surface water temperature
  San Clemente Isla.
  Check for navy restrictions or closures before going to SCI
  Local Satellite (Animated)
  Local Marine Satellite
  Great Surf Information (Animated)
  Incoming surf forecast and live surf cams at key locations
  Scripps Offshore Buoy California
  All Offshore Buoys (Calif.) on one page
  North Pacific Surface Pressure and Winds (Animated)
  Color view and forecast of the entire Pacific
  Local Diver Information
  Weather, water vis, temp and more
  San Nicholas Island
  San Nicholas Isla.
  Barometric Pressure Animation
  Barometric Pressure Picture
  Doppler Radar (Image)
  See where the rain is falling in So. Cal.
  Surface Temperature
  Great California sea water temperature overview
  Terrafin (Subscription)
  Terrafin (Best surface water temperature site)
  Surf, Sail, Kite Report & Forcasting
  Great local weather information
  3-Day Offshore Wave Data
  Offshore Wave Forecast Models
Marine Science
  Monterey Aquarium
  Outer Bay Aquarium Live Camera
  Live camera showing Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Great White Shark, Blue sharks, Rays and many other beautiful fish.
  Air & Water
  Breathing Underwater
  The physics of breathing underwater.
  International Underwater Spearfishing Association
  The IUSA was organized in 1950. While the IUSA has a 10 lb. minimum weight requirement they recognize many species of speared big game fish around the world. The IUSA is the IGFA of underwater hunting.
  International Bluewater Spearfishing Records Committee
  The IBSRC grants world records for speared big game bluewater fish.
  International Game Fish Association
  The IGFA records fishing world records for all line classes.
  Hawaiian Skin Diver Magazine
  Hawaiian Skin Diver
  Hawaiian skindiver is one of the finest publication underwater hunting has ever had.
  Western Outdoor News
  Southern California Fishing Newspapers
  Perhaps So. Cal. finest weekly fishing newpapers.
  Spearfishing Magazine
  Another great spearfishing magazine
  This publication has lots of great big game fish photos from all over the world.
Reports & Information
  Fishing Hot Page
  Local Fish Report (California)
  Fish Report
  Pacific Edge Tackle
  Fishing Equip. & Information
  Captain Mark Wisch has lots of great fishing equipment as well as the latest fishing information. Mark just completed his newest book, “In the Gray,” where he revels many of the closely held secrets of fishing Catalina for big game fish.
  Bloody Decks
  Great fishing information
  Current fishing reports from all over the world.
  All Coast
  Fishing Reports (Calif.)
  One of California’s best sources of current fishing information.
  976 Tuna
  Fishing Hot Bites
  976 tuna provides current fishing reports for the serious local fisherman, this is a fee service.
  Bites On
  Fishing & Marine Message Boards
  Forums in Fishing and Boating Conference
  Fishing Network
  California Fishing
  California's most complete fishing information web site
  Daily Dive Report
  Daily Weather & Water Conditions
  Daily updates of weather water and visibility
  Tuna & Offshore Fishing
  So. Calif. Ocean Fishing Home Page
  Great offshore fishing site with lots of information including GPS number of offshore banks and hot fishing holes
  Turner's Weekly Fish Report
  Local Fish Report (California)
  This is an excellent text fish report from Turner's outdoors. It is very comprehensive with reports of all Islands and areas.
Radio & TV
  Offshore Adventures
  International Big Game Fishing & Underwater Hunting
  Chris, Brett & David visit epic big game fishing and bluewater freedive areas around the world.
  Lets Talk Hookup
  #1 Fishing Radio Talk Show
  Pete Gray and Marty Milner host the #1 Fishing Radio Talk Show in the West!
Satellite View
  Global View
  West Pacific
  West Pacific Infrared Satellite Imagery with NCEP-Analyzed Fronts
  Big Picture
  Global Satellite Perspective
  Biggest picture
  Pacific Satellite Infrared Marine Weather
  The big infrared pacific picture
  Pacific Satellite Marine Weather
  A bigger pacific marine picture
  Enhanced Infrared Satellite Image (Calif)
  Enhanced Infrared Satellite Image
  Satellite Imaging
  Satellite Image of your Favorite Fishing or Hunting Spots
  Great! This site allows you to zoom in no your favorite fishing or hunting spot from a photo image taken from a satellite
  Global Satellite Photos
  The MODIS Rapid Response system has been developed to provide rapid access to MODIS data globally, with initial emphasis on 250m color composite imagery and active fire data.
  Geostationary Satellite Images
  Satellite Imaging
  Many stationary satellites to choose from
Commercial Fishing
  Weekly Catch Totals
  San Pedro Market Fish
  This site gives the tonnage of fish harvested in just one week of commercial fishing carnage for just one landing station, San Pedro.
Island Information
  San Clemente Isla.
  Schedules & Closures
  Don't go to SCI until you check for island exercises and closers. You don't want to spend $$$ on gas and get run off the island by the US Military.
Community Sites
  Underwater Hunting / Spearfishing
  Underwater Hunting & Spearfishing Information
  A spearfishing portal with discussion portal and photo gallery
  Scuba & Free Divers
  Lots of great local dive and weather information
  Underwater Hunting & Spearfishing Information
  A spearfishing portal with discussion portal and photo gallery
  Scuba & Free Divers
  Lots of great local dive and weather information

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